About the Greenhouse

Welcome to Our Classroom.

Hello. My name is Ms. Poppy. I am a kindergarten teacher at Yuzu Elementary School. I am so thrilled to welcome your family to a wonderful, inquisitive, kindergarten adventure! On this website, you can visit the newsletter to find information about upcoming events, view moments of discovery on our blog, and explore the details of our upcoming year as you get to know your way around the garden!

Throughout this year we will:

  • Explore concepts through play and inquiry
  • Observe and document our ideas and thinking
  • Establish a sense of community: locally and globally
  • Build and cultivate interests
  • Facilitate and encourage dialogue
  • Provide choice, design and learner agency
  • Develop an attitude of care and attention
  • Encourage reflection and revision
  • Take action as Readers, Writers, Scientists, and Historians
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