Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

by Kevin Nobel Maillard

This year our class had the privilege to connect with other classes around the world through participation in the Global Read Aloud program. The text selected for this week is titled Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story.

Discussion: What favorite foods does your family serve for special occasions or holidays?

Do any of these foods have a special meaning?

Students will think, then pair with their carpet partners, and share their family traditions. Students can share their traditions with the class. Students will in groups help mix the ingredients together at their tables following Kevin Maillard’s recipe with adult assistance when required.  Once the food is cooked and cooled students will get a chance to eat the fry bread.

 EXPLORE: Students will bring in a family recipe from home that represents their family.  Students will illustrate the instructions on the recipe. The students’ illustrated recipes will be collected together to form a recipe book that will be shared with the class. 

ELABORATE:   Discussion: Fry bread is made from simple ingredients. Why do you think Native or Indigenous people chose these ingredients for this recipe? How do you think Indigenous people lived in America before explorers came from Europe? 

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