Flowers in the Neighborhood

Today, we picked up some seedlings from school to continue growing at home. These seedlings are going to be going on an adventure with you. Discuss: What does a plant need to grow?

Students will watch the Adobe Spark digital storytelling video of the class character Ms. Poppy. Discuss: What happened to Ms. Poppy’s seeds? What happened on her learning adventure? If the plants could talk, what do you think they would say?


Over the next few weeks students will be growing seedlings into young plants. Students will be recording their observations on their daily Seesaw journals and identify the different parts of a plant. After the end of two weeks, students will use the ChatterPix app to take photo of a plant. They will use the talk and draw features to turn their plant into a character. Students will then act out being the plant and tell their plant’s story (How did it grow? What did it do? What does it look like?). Students will then post their ChatterPix video onto Seesaw.

Discussion: What are some changes you would make next time? What do you want to learn next about plants? How does thinking like a plant help you understand a plant’s needs?

Leading Discussion Questions:
What happened as your plant grew? Why did those changes happen?  
What is your plants story?
Students will hold a QR gallery walk. Students will post the QR codes of their digital stories and students will virtually “walk” through the gallery to view everyone’s plant story.

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