Building a Digital Portfolio

This year we will be using an app called Seesaw as a digital journal. In our journal we will be collecting our data and tracking our scientific discoveries. One of those science activities will be our experiments to learn about plants. Today we will learn how to click on an activity or page in our journal, add pictures and words and save our journal entry.

Students will return to their tables and login to Seesaw using their QR codes. Students will then follow along with the screencast. The teacher will pause the video to provide additional supports as necessary. Students will add a photo of themselves and use the writing tools to write their name. Students will learn how to save their entry into their digital journal. Students will then learn how to view their previously completed work.


Teacher will review Digital Citizenship anchor chart. Discussion: How can you be a good citizen online? Students will think, pair, share with their table partners. From there, students will learn how to view and comment on other students work. Students will then make one comment (audio or written) on two other classmate’s journal entries.


Students will have posted one journal entry and commented on two classmates’ posts following the rules of good digital citizenship. 

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