The Butterfly Day

Walking in a winged wonderland

Today our caterpillars emerged from their chrysalis to the delight of our whole classroom. To celebrate the occasion after waiting for so long we will read the book The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach. Discussion: Can you make a text-to-self connection to the impatient caterpillar?

Why do you think waiting is so hard?


To begin our research writing, the class will learn from an expert by watching a PBS interview with a lepidopterist from Butterfly World. Students will conduct their own research about caterpillars using a choice board on Seesaw. Students will have a wide choice of information to choose from including learning about parts of an insect, the life cycle of a butterfly, and the needs of a butterfly. 


Students will draw the life stage of a butterfly they are the most curious about. Students will write a “wondering” – a lingering question about butterflies.


 Students will post their artwork and wondering on the science bulletin board. Students will take a gallery walk to learn about their classmates’ wonderings. 

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